trekstock: A Happy 21st Birthday to #TrekstockAmbassador #Liam! Here’s a special little snippet from some upcoming interviews with Dr Ruth, @harrystyles and @fakeliampayne talking about keeping fit and eating right within their busy tour schedules. Keep an eye out for more vids and exclusives coming up this year.

You’ll never treat yourself right darling, but I want you to… [01/08/14]



somehow I always turn into a mom whenever I see pictures of louis  # which is awkward because I have no children and routinely praise his glorious thighs  # but I’m like ‘does he look pale tonight under the stage make-up? he’s not smiling why is he not smiling did someone hurt hs feelings?  # WHO HURT LOUIS’ FEELINGS AND WHERE DO YOU LIVE?’  # but I feel I’m not alone in this  # and I’m sure Louis loves that he has somehow aquired several million new mothers  # who wax poetic about his ass and worry when he stands more than ten feet off the ground  # bae let me love you (shipyardhymns)


puppy is understandably confused about everything in life



St. Louis - 27/08

#’i think you’re pikachu because everyone likes pikachu.’ #guess whch fukcer said that(x)

image x


that is the same bear

kumquats: Fell asleep #gopackgo


this is one of the cutest meet N greet photos fiGHT ME


:’) [x]

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